Interior Awards Finalists 2024

Congratulations on being named a finalist. You are now invited to participate in the second phase of the awards programme, which consists of a face-to-face presentation to the judging panel. We will also require you to supply additional images and confirm content for publication.

Please note that to be a finalist you must be PRESENT at the live judging event to present your submission. In brief, this is your chance to really impress the judges!


Please find below your 2024 Interior Awards finalist badges. Feel free to use these on your website, email signatures, social media and marketing communications. Click here to download badges.


Please complete the ‘Finalists Webform’ link below and confirm required information and upload presentations and images by due dates. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]

Key Dates

Part 1 – Presenter(s) names (a maximum of three) – due Fri 10th May

Part 2 & 3 – Presentation, 10 x images & content – due Fri 17th May

Part 4 – Emerging Design Professional only – due Friday 17th May

Live presentation information

DATE – Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd May

  • Up to three key people can present the project. Please submit the names of the presenter(s) via the finalists webform above.
  • Each entrant has been allocated a 15-minute time slot. Please ensure that your presentation to the awards jury does not exceed 10 minutes, to allow for a minimum 5-minute Q&A with the judges following your presentation.
  • The presentations offer finalists an opportunity to explain their entries in more depth and elaborate on them; including information on time frames and budgets, as well as areas of creativity and innovation.
  • Entrants can also present further images to those previously submitted – with an emphasis on interior photos (rather than exterior), floor plans, renders, videos, boards or models.
  • The entire presentation, including your Q&A, will be live-streamed on ArchitectureNow and uploaded after the event. You can see examples by following links below